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Wannabe a dj? Send your mix. More info here: MISS MANA INVITES 2018

In my HOUSE I am ‘pleasantly disturbed’ ­

Miss Mana’s style, she calls it HOUSE herself, can best be described as a combination of deep, atmospheric Techno-House, with the groove of Tech-House and the uplifting sounds of Progressive-House.

Miss Mana started as a dj in the early 90’s. She was mainly spinning Hardcore and in those day’s came her breakthrough as one of the first female dj’s (in the North). It were the small parties and also the big festivals as in Kardinge or the Thunderdome ‘raves’ where this female dj was partying and mixing her vinyl!

With the forming of the first female Hardcore/Gabber team,The Lady DJ Team, more attention came. It then not only remained at performing in the Netherlands, but also abroad, for example in Belgium and Italy. Miss Mana then was carrying the name Lady Nightshade for her Hardcore sets till the beginning of the year 2000. Till then she was booked at parties among other dj’s as for example dj Isaac, Lady Dana and Paul Elstak. After that came a time of contemplation..and the time for another sound like Techno and more.

Miss Mana then also organized her own Underground parties together with a few friends. These are The NRG Club parties, every time at a different, unique, and sometimes secret , location. In 2009 was the biggest NRG Club event called Implosion with star-guest, and one of Mana’s favorites, Miss Djax. Besides the parties Mana and her friends also had their own radio-broadcast with different guests or/and radio-party-reports.

Now a days she is The NRG Club organising and working together with new and innovating people and platforms. She doesn’t spin the Hardcore records anymore, except the Classics, and still likes the dirty and firm sounds like in Techno with enough bpm’s to lift up the dancefloor!

Other styles Miss Mana likes to get a party started, are Tech-House,Progressive, Drum and Bass and many other House music styles. Sometimes together with live-artists as a Singer, Djembee Drummer, Percussion Drummer, Poet a.m. Sometimes in the form of a workshop  At her own radioshow 'Miss Mana Invites' at www.planet90.com she invites all kind of dj's and styles, from Holland and abroad. Almost every friday Mixed Moods from 20-22hr and #MissManaInvites from 22-00hr @ www.planet90.com TuneIn.

Alias former Lady Nightshade 

Het begon allemaal met de bekende dj Shredder aka Devious (The NRG Club). Hij leerde Miss Mana het mixen. En dat was in de begin jaren ’90 nog alleen met vinyl. Ze bleek er gevoel voor te hebben en vele parties volgden. Van de locale beruchte en goed bezochte typische hardcore/gabber clubs in het Noorden alsook de grote lokaties bekend om hun enorme Raves.

Het is teveel op om te noemen, maar het was een bloeiende, snelgroeiende scene en carrière. Miss Mana draaide in de begin jaren ’90 met name hardcore/gabber als Lady Nightshade en daarnaast ook de stylen (hard)trance, mellow en jungle/drum and bass bijvoorbeeld. Met www.thenrgclub.com vormde ze een groep muziekliefhebbers die geregeld ludieke feesten gaven in m.n. Oost-Groningen. Deze feesten werden goed bezocht en varieerden van het chique Royal York tot een leegstaand slachthuis.

De liefde voor de muziek is altijd gebleven. Het was een constante in haar leven. Drugs, after op after waren niet aan haar besteed, maar urenlang hakken op hakken (!) was een geweldige work-out en ontlading voor haar. Net als een flow van beukende beats met af en toe een freaky of onverwachte plaat om het spannend te houden. Naast de entourage van lichtspel, dansers, publiek, pompende beats, schreeuwende samples en tweakende tunes bleef het altijd een uitdaging om het publiek te bedienen van een dampende avond. Heerlijk, maar soms was de geur van het zweet in een of andere bunker bijna niet meer te harden. Of was het pad naar de dj-booth zo vol met bezwete mensen dat je eenmaal achter de 1200’s ook blij was dat er iemand met een koud drankje je hartelijk verwelkomde. Maar er werd gedraaid. Altijd. Misschien op die ene keer na in de Martinihal, toen Miss Mana te grieperig was en met pijn in het hart moest afzeggen.

Een paar jaar geleden werd Miss Mana gevraagd om een festival mede te organiseren. Ze was toen 10 jaar gestopt en inmiddels moeder van 3 kinderen. Maar het bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan. Er volgde daarna zoals inmiddels wel bekend weer diverse optredens in Groningen van o.a. het eerder m.n. bekende Up-Projects alsook optredens elders in het land.

Inmiddels heeft ze zich op muzikaal gebied toegelegd op het programmeren en produceren van House Music. Naast het geven van dj-lessen, airplay (Miss Mana Invites) bij www.planet90.com, en denkt ze graag mee met artiesten, labels en designers. Zoals Jack het eens zei: House is a (overall) feeling. Check o.a. @ HIER

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UPDATES MISS MANA.WELCOME IN MY HOUSE. Don't follow me but follow the music and let me be your guide..

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*** 2018 ***

26/05 Miss Mana @ PLAY FESTIVAL 

17/03/2018 Miss Mana @ Paradigm050, The Beginning X Taped 'THE WARE HOUSE RAVE' !

More info THE WARE HOUSE RAVE 2018!

01/01/2018 Miss Mana #Chill at Paradigm050


2017 Dopamines with MISS MANA

The Ocean NEW release Miss Mana

The Ocean @ YOUTUBE

22/07/2017 @ Vogelpop Facebook

Tickets @ VOGELPOP website


                                               Trinity in Technoland

Before 2017 etc.:
This summer 16-07 playing at a new Vogelpop

12-03 playing at the Biergarten @ Paradigm


Original cover photo bij Sarah D Photography


www.planet90.com Mixed Moods including 'Miss Mana invites'#check  #check again

 Dancechoice of the week

Wannabe a dj? Check:----> MIXED MOODS

O & N  2015/2016 THE MIX including new Miss Mana tracks #check #check again


05/06 House, Techno and Classics @ Subsonic. Goodbye.

Further radio appearances: 06/05  @  Beats and Breaks  12/05 @  OOG radio  with N.W.A. 

* 18/04 Techno tunes @ Club Hemingway

* 27/03 Progressive tunes @ Pand48. Goodbye. 

A surprise appearance by Miss Mana @ Paradigm Groningen


                                   THE Paradigm MIX Miss Mana

NEW:banging remixes and a smoking Progressive & Techno track. Here we go!:https:Equilibrium (Bitch) & A.I.

N.W.A. (Nerds With Acid) remix DEDICATION-banger-soundcloud-link! 

And check out this LAPO1 remix-banger @ You-Tube!

Classics timewww.planet90.nl

11/04 Mixed Moods www.planet90.nl from 20-22hr

13/04 Mixed Moods www.planet90.nl from 20-22hr

* 11/07 Mixed Moods www.planet90.nl from 20-22hr

* 13/07 Mixed Moods www.planet90.nl from 20-22hr

* 13/09 Mixed Moods Anniversary Party

* 10/10 Mixed Moods www.planet90.nl from 20-22hr 

12/10 Mixed Moods www.planet90.nl from 20-22hr

Stay tuned for more Miss Mana Classics in 2015!

Miss Mana on Facebook

More Miss Mana Blogs:


*** The snippet of my first track. I hope you will njoy: please let me know. Thnxhttps://soundcloud.com/miss-mana/snippet-first-track-miss-mana-dedication <--- SC-LINK***

* 09/08 Miss Mana played at the Paradigm Festival Boat (photo taken by Up-Projects Groningen. Miss Mana together with Robin Alberts / Jaydee)

* 11/05 A special broadcast  for the music lover in general and in particular for the (future) moms @ http://pure.fm/  



* 22/03 Zaterdag 22/03 bring it on, Mayhem it is!

* 21/02

''We houden hier meer van mannen dan van onze moeders, dus daarom speciaal voor de man een speciale aktie om al die keren dat jullie wel moesten betalen en ' wij vrouwen' door mochten de eerste *BEARDY NIGHT* Dat betekent voor elke centimeter baard een Euro korting!''




*20/11 Miss Mana will betalking to a journalist, writer and consultant, a so called 'woman of the world’ about divorce, co parenting and beyoned. SECOND PRESS ALREADY!

*07/12 Serious Sjit in Leeuwarden, club The Fire Palace. This month the dj’s from 3 Fm Radio will explore their edges by locking themselves in a glass House next door. It is a gesture to all those suffering children who live in much lesser circumstances than overhere and do not have an outspoken voice to be heard. These dj’s will be making radio for 7 days and 6 nights without any food! I will make some noise together with many more and contribute by putting on some (hard) techno tunes!

Friday the 13th december 2 hours of Mixed Moods @ www.planet90.nl
Live at the studio; any requests? You can check out Miss Mana her https://www.facebook.com/deejees.winschoten and post your request here or there :)

*20/12 Is a date for a party for man and woman Vega 18+. It is about discovering and exploring new perspectives, new sensations and new behaviour...

* 31-12 Upcoming New Year I will be doing a back to back set with a dj who I got to know a lot better the past 4 years and therefor earned more of my respect. If we can get along this night is a question yet to be answered. http://www.mixcloud.com/MissManaTheNRGClub/miss-mana-and-ven-b2b-techno-set-2014-january/

*Photo's ''Combined Forces ''at http://dmdphotoart.nl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=59&Itemid=65

*Every friday from 20-22hr and sunday from 22-00hr Mixed Moods @ wwwplanet90.nl

*15-10 Tonight a stormy (oldskool) set;) @ http://www.megachoice.nl/

* 26-10 https://www.facebook.com/events/1412611515629030

*29-06 Miss Mana  from 23-00hr at Gideon:

*30/08 The sequel: stay tuned!

Miss Mana @ WWW.PLANET90.NL
New dates: 23/08 - 18/10 and 13/12

Upcoming event dates: 30/08, 04/10 & 26/10

Next thursday 11/07 special quest @ https://www.facebook.com/events/142480689287316/

Komende vrijdag wordt het KNALLEN! This friday 14/06: BOOOM! ;) Bouncen en meer! @ https://www.facebook.com/events/145151559005232/?

Freedom! Let's celebrate. #muziek #tolerantie #zon #vertrouwen #veiligheid #Holland #vrijheid #music #samen

You're invited for this special support-party! You are just one click away.. Come and share the fun! @


* Miss Mana @ www.planet90.nl : *1 februari * 8 maart* 12 april * 17 mei * 21  juni

*11/01 Miss Mana @ Dj Friday

* 16/02 Miss Mana @ XtremA @ https://www.facebook.com/events/234883733312402

* 02/03 Miss Mana at Stoeltjesdans! https://www.facebook.com/events/329580890472932/

* 16/03 Miss Mana and more! @ https://www.facebook.com/events/130748790437799/

* 20/04 Huize Maas

* 27/04 Miss Mana at another epic T4ped @  https://www.facebook.com/events/117202051792370/?fref=ts

* 29/04 Miss Mana @ Tech Royal

* 03/05 Miss Mana @ http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/32302415

* 09/05 Devious, Fred-E and more at Steenwijk :)

A Progressive Mix at Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/MissManaTheNRGClub/like-this-like-that-miss-mana-progressive/

*14/06 Miss Mana's Ladies Night. More info in due time. Stay tuned!

*Bon Appetit! : http://www.mixcloud.com/MissManaTheNRGClub/miss-mana-dj-ven-techno-time-bon-appetit/

*New concept and project. Stay Tuned. Miss Mana and Kirah :)


HAPPY NEWYEAR @ https://www.facebook.com/events/290945637672797/?fref=ts

The Bomb! This year it will go off. Hope to see you there and toast together at some Progressive tunes and more :)  31/12/2012

http://www.mixcloud.com/MissManaTheNRGClub/miss-mana-bombarie-mix/]MISS MANA BOMBARIE mixcloud mi-x- link



*28/12 Miss Mana at Mixed Moods [ @ www.planet90.nl

*10/11 Miss Mana @ Club Pulse Groningen

See you there? More info @ https://www.facebook.com/events/375630752523805/

More U-tube -footage! @ http://www.youtube.com/user/TheNRGClub?feature=watch

*15/11 Miss Mana @ http://www.megachoice.nl/

*23/11 (21-23hr) A tribute to Thunderdome @ www.planet90.nl

*23/11 Miss Mana and more @ Drumidub https://www.facebook.com/events/504111246284413/?fref=ts

Come and join this playfull party, BirthdayBash of Charina, friends and more!

 A Miss Mana preview mix http://www.mixcloud.com/MissManaTheNRGClub/miss-mana-drum-and-bass-breakbeats-30-minutes-mix-on-request/

* 28/12 Special O&N Christmas radio-edition @ www.planet90.nl Mixed Moods

* Miss Mana 19/10 @ Mixed Moods at www.planet.nl

* Miss Mana 13/10  @ Het Ballonnetjesfeest

*  o.a. Fred-E, Lanier, Devious, ManDraQ en Miss Mana 6/10 Party[/b] @ www.sillyundergroundfamily.org

* Miss Mana prepared the radio broadcast this summer for our southern neighbors.This time Miss Mana will try to profile her style, she calls it HOUSE herself. But to clarify; it will be a combination of deep, atmospheric Techno-House, with the groove of Tech-House and the uplifting sounds of Progressive-House.

Now, the mix this friday 07/09! Just received this nice tweet ''Received the guestmix from @DJMissMana. Actually a quite verstitle mix, just the way we like it!''


* Friday 14/09 another Miss Mana Classic Oldskool Mix in Mixed Moods @ www.planet90.nl

* Saturday 15/09 Miss Mana @ https://www.facebook.com/events/378942628846235/permalink/378961458844352


*GIRLS ON FIRE. Miss Mana 18/09@ http://www.pure.fm/index.php


* Tonight a night snack; De Poffertjes Techno Show 08/09 @ https://www.facebook.com/events/483087775037649

*Saturday 25/08 Miss Mana @ Club Subsonic

Miss Mana @ www.planet90.nl
* 20 juli Miss Mana
* 10 augustus Miss Mana
* 14 september Miss Mana
* 19 oktober Miss Mana
* 23 november Miss Mana
* 28 december Miss Mana

Miss Mana 21/07 with some Chaos and nice House-Techno-Tunes @ https://www.facebook.com/events/310785819012705/

Bijna weekend!https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=417397924978786&set=a.124421280943120.20852.100001257452072&type=1&theater] Cheerio link!

* Miss Mana @ http://www.planet90.nl/
 01/06  LIVE in de studio!
* 13/04 Miss Mana´s Ladies Night! @ Pand48
* 02/03 Miss Mana @ Klup Mindwarp (Techno)
* 11/02 Miss Mana @ Den-B's Birthday Bash:
* 11/02 Miss Mana @ Club Hemingway Techhouse
* 04/02 Miss Mana @ http://mindworks.likescandy.com/

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001257452072]The NRG Club ook op Facebook


* 05/02 Miss Mana @ NachtKlup Groningen
* 17/03 Miss Mana @ Megabeat Oog radio
* 18/03 Miss Mana en Djembee Bert Buurthuis Msk
* 26/03 Miss Mana @ Tech Trance Lente Dance
* 16/04 Miss Mana & Nachtklup invite Groningen -Battle of the Sexes-
* 21/04 Workshop Miss Mana NP-college ism live Djembee Bert
* 10/06 Miss Mana @ Deventer
* 11/06 Miss Mana after Gideon
* 24/06 Miss Mana @ dj Friday
* 23/07 Miss Mana @ Straight Forward Techno Experience
* 05/08 Miss Mana as Lady NightShade @ Oldskool Vibes
* 13/08 Miss Mana @ the After
* 20/08 Miss Mana @ Klup
* 26/08 Miss Mana met o.a. Harde Baas @ dj Friday Technomania Radio
* 27/08 Miss Mana @ Het Ballonnentjes feest! Groningen
* 02/09 start dj Workshop Miss Mana (ovb)
* 03/09 Miss Mana @ Grote Zaal event
* 24/09 Miss Mana en Djembee Bert @ Protest Kabaal Msk
* 24/09 Miss Mana @ Festival Krachtvelden
* 01/10 Miss Mana @ Fairy Tale Forest (Kika Baflo)
* 01/10 Miss Mana @ Biohazard
* 14/10 Miss Mana @ De Balk Groningen
* 15/10 Miss Mana Pitch Up @ Klup
*04/11 Miss Mana Birthday Bash! @ Subsonic Grote Markt 21A Groningen[/b][/url]
* 22/11 Miss Mana @ XT3 Techno Radio www.xt3radio.nl A'dam
* 16/12 Miss Mana P.A.P @ Pand 48 Groningen

More details in due course                                


'1994...Time flies when you're having fun!'

Agenda 2010:

1 januari        Progressive Trance Dance Mission
6 februari      TechHouse Techno Tech Swingavond
20 maart       Progressive TechHouse & Techno Fairy Tale Forest
16 april         Progressive Mindwarp
7 mei            Nautic Radio
23 mei          Progressive TechHouse & Techno Summer in The Air
18 juni          Progressive/PsyTrance deelde Baflo
26 juni          PsyTrance Amersfoort
6 augustus     Progressive Mindwarp
6 november   Progressive & live Djembee Opblaaspop
6 november   (Hard)Techno A Magical Wintertale (wordt vervolgd!)
25 november  Het Grote Flatfeest
26 november  Proggressive ism live-artiesten 'Podium Aktua'
11 december  Simplon
24 december  X-mas @ ORKZ
31 december  O&N HSA

17 oktober 2009 Festival Implosion